Cozy Italian villa in the middle of the mountains.

Welcome to beautiful Cassinasco amidst the famous Piedmontese vineyards

In the midst of the beautiful wine region and atop a mountain, lies the quiet and unspoiled medieval town of Cassinasco, with dazzling views and sun from morning till evening. The area is under UNESCO protection for its beautiful mountains and diverse landscapes.

Here lies our beautiful Casa Calma, peacefully situated just outside the town yet only 400 meters from the square, bars, grocery store, and restaurants, etc. There are stunning views of the Alps from three lovely terraces, from the pool, from the garden, and most rooms.

The town: Cassinasco

Cassinasco, with its approximately 600 inhabitants, is an unspoiled village in the heart of wine country.

Much looks as it always has. There are a couple of bars, an ice cream shop, a pizzeria, and a well-stocked grocery store. In medieval times, there was a castle here with a fabulous 360-degree view; today, only the tower remains.

Surrounding Cassinasco

18 km from Cassinasco lies Acqui Terme, a magnificent medieval spa town with thermal springs, beautiful fountains, pedestrian streets lined with lovely shops, cafes, and restaurants. In the square in the middle of town, the warm underground spring bubbles up.

Among the other nearby wine towns are Barolo, Alba, Barbaresco, Asti, Canelli, and Nizza Monferrato.

The area is very ideal for cycling.

For golfers, there are several options within a reasonable driving distance.

The ski resorts are only a two-hour drive away and can be visited on day trips.

For enthusiasts of beach life, fishing, and cool white wine, the sea is only an hour’s drive to the south. Here lie all the beautiful beach and fishing villages along a long stretch.

Gallery outside

Gallery inside




Casa Calma, Regione San Pietro 212, 14050 Cassinasco (Asti)

I kommer til huset fra torvet, op til kirken/kirkegården. Vores vej starter til højre for indgangen til kirkegården.

Affald skal sorteres i papir, plastic- og køkkenaffald. Der skal bruges poser der kan lukkes.

Mandag og torsdag afhentes køkkenaffald hvis poserne sættes udenfor gaten.

Onsdag er det plastic. Da der bruges mange vanddunke her i Italien, er det en god ide at presse luften ud.

Papir affald torsdag.

Glasflasker og andet glasaffald skal i glascontaineren ved kirken.


  • Tøm køleskab og fryser, tør over med en klud. Sluk IKKE
  • Aftør alle flader i køkken
  • Ryd op inde og ude
  • Vask op og alt på plads, på hylder, i skabe og skuffer
  • Alt brugt linned, viskestykker og håndklæder ligges i brusenichen.
  • Grillen rengøres hvis I har brugt den
  • Tøm opvaskemaskine
  • Aske fjernes fra Pizza ovnen, hvis I har brugt den.
  • Tør cyklerne af så de er rene til næste bruger
  • Alt affald sorteres i glas, plast og resten, og stilles udenfor vores Gate
  • Skodder: Husk at lukke alle skodder før huset forlades. De to skodder ved hoveddør kan ikke lukkes
  • Træk derfor gardin for når døren lukkes.
  • Lås døren og luk porten: Nøgle og fjernbetjening lægges i nøgleboksen.
  • Vi håber I passer på vores lille perle, som var det jeres eget. Skulle der ske skader indenfor eller udenfor i løbet af jeres ophold, beder vi jer meddele det til Jeanette på mail: eller tlf. 22250532.
  • Er der ikke registreret nogen skader på ejendommen eller på ting, tilbageføres jeres depositum
  • indenfor 2 uger.

”Altmulig” mand:
Vi er ualmindelig heldige at have en som Renzo, som er vores nabo. Han passer vores have og har tilsyn på huset. Han taler ikke engelsk, men brug google translate sammen med ham.

Renzo kommer ofte forbi for at vande planter.
Spørg ham gerne hvis I har brug for hjælp eller info, han elsker at hjælpe 🙂


I Canelli på det store torv finder I apoteket.


If the address is used in electronic navigation, you’ll end up in the wrong place, so here’s an easy guide.
From the square in Cassinasco, drive up the steep cobblestone road to the square by the church.
To the right of the entrance to the cemetery, lies our road, Reg. San Pietro. Casa Calma is the first house you’ll encounter.



Unesco has placed several benches in the area with unique viewpoints. There is, for example, a large blue bench between Cassinasco and Canelli. Follow the signs when you leave Cassinasco. A pleasant walk from Casa Calma of 2.5 km takes about ½ hour.

You can find 2 mountain bikes and 2 helmets. Take care of them and clean them after use.

The lock code is 2703.

Bike Rental:
In Canelli, there is a bike rental agency. They have e-bikes.
Ebiking, Via Giovanni Battista Giuliani, 48, 14053 Canelli.

Regular bicycles and racing bikes can also be rented in Canelli:
D.O.C Bike Di Leardi, Viale Indipendenza, 25, 14053 Canelli.

Bed linen and towels:
The beds are made for you and all types of towels are laid out. 2 grey ones per person for bathing, and the beige beach towels for the pool area.

Please use the beach towels on the sun loungers.

Remember to remove all bed linen when leaving and place everything in the shower.


The first café, when you come from Casa Calma, is called Follia. It is located in a small courtyard with plenty of chairs outside. They are excellent for coffee, croissants, lunch, and a good glass of spumante/wine/beer in the afternoon. There is the option to sit indoors and outdoors. The mayor often cooks local food in the kitchen. You’ll find typical craftsmen for lunch as it is inexpensive and simple food. In the same café, there is a small local grocery store. Here you can buy various groceries such as fresh pasta, hams, salad, milk, flour, water, fresh bread, etc.

Further down in the square, you’ll find Café/Ice cream parlor Faccio, they are open almost every day.

La Bottega di Camilla – Pizzeria is also a café from the morning hours – they are closed one day a week. Here you can also enjoy pasta for lunch.
They offer take-away pizza on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In all these places, you can enjoy cappuccino, americano, or espresso along with a freshly baked croissant. In Italy, their croissants are typically filled with apricot jam, Nutella, cream, or plain.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy a lovely cocktail or wine as an aperitivo with small bites.

The first one in town when you come from Casa Calma is called Follia. It is located to the left in a small courtyard with plenty of chairs outside. They are excellent for coffee, croissants, lunch, and a good glass of spumante/wine/beer in the afternoon. There is the option to sit indoors and outdoors. The mayor often cooks local food in the kitchen. You’ll find typical craftsmen for lunch as it is inexpensive and simple food. In the same café, there is a small local grocery store. Here you can buy various groceries such as fresh pasta, hams, salad, milk, flour, water, fresh bread, etc.

Further down in the main square, you’ll find Ice cream parlor Faccio, which also serves as a café – they are open every day except for one weekly day off.

La Bottega di Camilla – Pizzeria is also a café from the morning hours – they are closed all day on Tuesdays. Here you can also enjoy pasta for lunch.

Both places offer cappuccino, americano, or espresso along with a freshly baked croissant. Here in Italy, their croissants are filled with apricot jam, Nutella, cream, or plain.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy a lovely cocktail or wine as an aperitivo with small bites.

There is an opportunity to use the Nespresso machine. Coffee capsules can be purchased at many supermarkets. If you can’t find Nespresso, Starbucks coffee capsules work excellently and function in the machine.

The milk frother should be cleaned every time it is used.

A cleaning team comes when you leave the house. See section: Departure


Empty the refrigerator and freezer, wipe them down with a cloth. DO NOT turn them off.
Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen.
Tidy up inside and outside.
Wash dishes and put everything in its place, on shelves, in cabinets, and drawers.
All used linens, dishcloths, and towels should be placed in the shower.
Clean the grill if you have used it.
Empty the dishwasher.
Remove ash from the pizza oven if you have used it.
Wipe down the bicycles so they are clean for the next user.
All waste should be sorted into glass, plastic, and the rest, and placed outside our gate.
Shutters: Remember to close all shutters before leaving the house. The two shutters by the front door cannot be closed, so please draw the curtain when closing the door.
Lock the door and close the gate: The key and remote control should be placed in the key box.
We hope you take care of our little gem as if it were your own. If any damage occurs inside or outside during your stay, please notify Jeanette via email at or phone at 22250532.
If there are no damages registered on the property or belongings, your deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks.

Ezio Robino, Via San Giuseppe
tel: +39 3398587966

Cassinasco; Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 08:30-10:00
Canelli, Via Riccadonna Ottavio 4, 14053 Canelli; Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 17:00-19:00 and Tuesday, Thursday from 08:30-10:00

Use dishwasher tablets, they are located under the kitchen sink. Please refill when you have used them.


    Even though we need to conserve water, please feel free to water the flowers in the two pots outside the kitchen.


      We are extraordinarily lucky to have someone like Renzo as our neighbor. He takes care of our garden and keeps an eye on the house. He doesn’t speak English, but use Google Translate with him.

      Renzo often stops by to water the plants.
      Feel free to ask him if you need assistance or information; he loves to help 🙂

      We are in hazelnut country. Nutella is produced in Turin. But in several places, including our local bar, you can buy delicious “Nutella” products from the area, as well as roasted hazelnuts without shells. Once you’ve tasted these, you won’t want the ones we buy at home in the supermarket. They also come with salt for aperitivo.

      Also, try the hazelnut cakes you can get at the ice cream parlor and pizzeria here in town.

      If anything goes wrong, you can reach us at:
      Phone: +45 4018 9610 (Niels)
      Phone: +45 2225 0532 (Jeanette)

      The nearest hospital is located in Nizza – approximately 15 km from Casa Calma.

      Ospedale Santo Spirito Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16, 14049 Nizza Monferrato +39 0141 7821

      Nizza Monferrato, Piazza Garibaldi 17, 14049 Nizza Monferrato (AT)

      Acqui Terme, Via Gatebenefratelli 1, 15011 Acqui Terme (AL).

      tel.: +39 0144 777 111

      Asti, Corso Dante Alighieri 202, 14100 Asti (AT), tlf. +39 0141 481 111

      Feel free to use all the herbs around the terrace by the entrance door.


        There are plenty of “under-drawers” in the kitchen – feel free to check them out. We don’t think you’ll be missing any kitchen utensils.


          There are 2 lamps in the kitchen + 1 large one in the living room – they are for charging. The chargers are in the cabinet under the kitchen island. They are useful to take outside in the evening.


            In Canelli, there is a market on Tuesday and Friday mornings until 12:30 pm, with plenty of delicious food; vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses. There are also many stalls with clothing, shoes, and bags.
            Acqui Terme: There is a market in Acqui Terme, both on Tuesday and Friday, primarily offering food, clothing, and bags. It’s not a typical tourist market, Italians shop here. The market is in the center, on pedestrian streets, and in several squares. The market is only in the morning.

            Antique markets:
            Several towns have an antique market, where you can find old and new items. If you’re into flea markets, it can be worth a visit.

            Acqui Terme:
            Fourth Sunday of the month.
            On the main street Corso Bagni. Several stalls, but not a large market.

            Nizza Monferrato
            Antique market with about 300 stalls – here you can spend quite some time.
            3rd Sunday of the month. Many useful items and at reasonable prices.
            On the main square in Nizza. Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.

            ALWAYS remember mosquito spray – everywhere in the evenings.


              When the oven is turned on, the “timer” must also be set, otherwise it won’t heat up

              Outdoor kitchen:
              Feel free to use the outdoor kitchen. Please pick some herbs and cook your food outside on the gas grill or pizza oven.
              REMEMBER to turn off the gas on the gas bottle after use.


                In Canelli, on the main square, you’ll find the pharmacy.

                Remember to fold the parasolls before the night and when leaving the house. It can be quite windy.

                Pizza oven:
                Casa Calma has its own pizza oven!! There’s nothing like homemade pizzas. Fresh pizza dough (which makes it much easier) can be bought at SPAR in Canelli, Bennet in Acqui Terme, or Il Gigante in Nizza. There’s plenty of wood that you need to light up 1 hour before using it.

                Pizza restaurants:
                In Cassinasco, there is a local pizza restaurant. Here, you can dine out in the summer. It’s located in the square. There’s also an option for takeout. They make excellent pizzas and pasta. Children are very welcome. Remember to book a table, as it’s often fully booked.

                Our favorite pizza restaurant is just outside Canelli; Cascina Vecchia, Fraz. Case Vecchie 1, 14042 Calamandrana.

                They serve fantastic pizzas, with plenty of seating – especially outside, which is super cozy in the evenings. There’s a lot of atmosphere, and the food comes quickly. Try their favorites with burrata.

                Phone for table reservations +39 0141 180 8115, remember mosquito spray.

                Canelli tel.: +39 0141821200

                Pool service:
                The lights on the pool terrace and in the pool are turned on by the buttons in the middle of the wall, near the power outlet. The pool is cleaned once a week. The day of cleaning may vary, but it takes a maximum of 1 hour, and then you wait another hour for the salt and chlorine to dissolve.

                For safety reasons, we always use plastic glasses by the pool, as we all walk around barefoot.


                  Restaurants and cafés:
                  In Canelli, there is a Bar Roma – it’s not particularly charming near the roundabout – but they make delicious cocktails and have good wine, including many Martini Rosso, which is typical for the area. The same goes for Spumante.

                  Cassinasco – Follia, local bar – which is also a grocery store – they have a small courtyard where you can sit and have morning coffee and croissants. It’s the first on the left when you enter the town from the house. Approximately 300m.

                  Ristorante Enoteca di Canelli – Casa Crippa, Corso della Liberta 65, 14053 Canelli, tel. +39 0141 832182 (delicious food with a modern twist).

                  San Marco Ristorante, Via Alba 136, 14053 Canelli, tel. +39 0141 823544 (formerly Michelin-starred)

                  Osteria Dei Meravigliati, Via Giovanni Battista Giuliani, 14053 Canelli, tel. +39 392 2224171 (possibility to sit outside in the summer, and they have delicious fish.)

                  Ristorante Civico15, Piazzale San Leonardo 10, Centro Storico, 14053 Canelli
                  Phone: +39 329 4379547 (Gourmet Italian cuisine with a very modern expression. Not typical Piedmontese dishes) Possibility to sit outside. Regards from Niels & Jeanette.

                  Ristorante La Stazione, Piazzale G. Manzo 6, 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo
                  Phone: +39 0141 844233 (Typical Italian food for the area, always of superb quality). Possibility to sit outside.

                  Ape Wine Bar and Restaurant, Via XX Settembre 4, 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo – Tel. +39 0141 844218 (Delicious Italian food with options for fish and salad, modern youthful style). Possibility to sit outside.

                  Ristorante Belbo da Bardon, Via Valle Asinari 25, 14050 San Marzano Oliveto, tel. +39 0141 831340. Very popular restaurant, typical Italian with lots of delicious meat. They have one of Italy’s largest wine cellars. Lovely terrace.

                  Le Due Lanterne, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 52, 14049 Nizza Monferrato, tel. +39 0141 702480 (popular restaurant, typical for the area. High service and reasonable prices).

                  Restaurant I Caffi, Acqui Terme, tel. +39 0144 325206. Very delicious exclusive food. Beautiful surroundings – no possibility to sit outside.

                  Ristorante Enoteca La Curia, Acqui Terme, tel. +39 0144 356049. They have a lovely wine bar that can be used before dinner. Courtyard for warm days. Very popular dining place – and should be booked well in advance.


                  Speed control:
                  There are a lot of cameras in the area, but it’s smart because signs warn you 200-1000m before the camera comes. Keep a close eye on them. It’s quite expensive, can cost from €150 and up.

                  Shops in the vicinity:

                  Bakery: In Cassinasco, it is possible to buy bread at the local grocery store. You can also buy croissants and pastries at the two bars in town.

                  There are also several cozy bakeries in Canelli. Remember that bread in Italy is best on the same day.

                  For delicious pastries and good coffee, we recommend visiting: Pasticceria Sergio Bosca, Piazza Amedeo d’Aosta, 3, Canelli.

                  Greengrocer: In Canelli, there is a very nice greengrocer with many fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as specialties for cooking (delicious pasta, risotto rice, oils, cheeses, and wines.)

                  Cane Pier Franca, located right by the main square in the center of town.

                  Butcher: There are many good butchers; both in Canelli and especially in Nizza.

                  Veal is inexpensive in Italy. There are delicious cuts for the grill.

                  The Italian sausage Salsiccia comes in several varieties. It is shaped like a Danish medister sausage and tastes fantastic both on the grill and in bolognese, where the meat is removed from the casing.

                  Remember to buy a lot of delicious Prosciutto, both raw and cooked. Salami with various flavors is very popular in this area.

                  Supermarkets/Grocery Stores:
                  In Canelli, there are many supermarkets: Lidl, Eurospin, Gulliver.
                  We recommend EuroSpar, where there is a butcher, bakery, and delicatessen department.

                  For a larger selection, you can visit Nizza where Il Gigante is located at the beginning of the town. Address: Strada Canelli, 10, 14049 Nizza.

                  Alternatively, in Acqui Terme, there is Bennet. It offers top-quality goods with plenty of delicacies.


                    The house is warm in June, July, August, so make sure to maintain a comfortable temperature. Indoors, we open the windows at night – but remember to secure the doors so they don’t slam. We create plenty of airflow. Keep the shutters closed in the evening. During the day, we keep all doors and windows closed. In the basement, the shutters are closed (perhaps except for the kitchen in the afternoon), but we draw the curtains if the sun shines in.

                    Casa Calma doesn’t have a TV. It’s so lovely in the area, and we always sit outside and enjoy ourselves. When we need it, we watch TV on the computer or iPad.


                    Waste must be sorted into paper, plastic, and kitchen waste. Bags that can be sealed must be used.

                    Kitchen waste is collected on Monday and Thursday if the bags are placed outside the gate.

                    Wednesday is for plastic. Since many water bottles are used here in Italy, it’s a good idea to press out the air.

                    Paper waste is collected on Thursday.

                    Glass bottles and other glass waste should be placed in the glass container by the church.

                    Water pressure:
                    Is low due to the lack of water throughout Northern Italy. In the outdoor shower, there is both hot and cold water.

                    Washing machine:
                    Is located in the bathroom. It’s not very large and takes a long time to wash.

                    Wine producers:

                    In Canelli, there is Contratto, a producer of Spumante with an absolutely fantastic cellar, where there are over 1,000,000 bottles. Feel free to book a tour by calling 0141 823349

                    AdressVia Giovanni Battista Giuliani, 56, 14053 Canelli

                    Borgo Maragliano
                    A wonderful Spumante producer close to Casa Calma in Loazzolo, near Casa Calma. Silvia is the owner and hostess. She lives and breathes for the place. There is also ample opportunity to buy good bottles to take home.

                    Regione San Sebastiano, 214051 Loazzolo – AT

                    Say hello from Niels & Jeanette from Cassinasco

                    +39 0144 87132


                    Cascina Cerutti
                    On the hillside on the way down to Canelli, you’ll find Cascina Cerutti
                    Via Canelli, 205, 14050 Cassinasco. Phone: 0141 851286 

                    Forteto della Luja
                    In Loazzolo, you’ll find the lovely producer Forteto della Luja. Regione Candelette, 4, 14051 Loazzolo. Phone: 0141 831596. The only producer that doesn’t use machines for grape harvesting, but horses.

                    Various wineries
                    Feel free to drive to the cozy town of Barbaresco where there are countless delicious restaurants with outdoor seating in the summer. They are open for lunch, and there are plenty of opportunities for delightful wine tastings in the area.

                    Barolo naturally offers the same.

                    In the small black box on the shelf, there are several different maps of wineries.

                    When you book tastings, it always costs between 15-30 euros per person. If you make a “good” purchase afterward, you often get the tasting for free.

                    Instagram: #casacalmapiemonte – feel free to post pictures on Instagram

                    WiFi code:
                    Password: 115 33009